Thursday, 24 April 2008

JAWR Plugin Announced

Just spotted this on the grails-user list....

Jawr is an Open Source library which offers two complementary uses for java and groovy web applications in which javascript is heavily used:
  • First, it's a productivity tool, since it allows to develop javascript components in separate files, each representing a module, as opposed to having all the code in one or two files for performance reasons. Working with separate files makes development, maintenance and version control a lot easier.
  • On the other hand, Jawr is a performance tool which will perceivably improve page loading times. When in production mode, all the modules which were split in separate files are bundled together (into one or several files, as per configuration), then minified, then compressed and sent to the client using aggressive caching headers. This reduces the number of HTTP requests required to load a full page and also the size in kilobytes that a user must download. Jawr implements many of the good practices defined in this very interesting article which I recommend everyone to read: serving javascript fast.

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