Monday, 28 April 2008

Annoying Grails upgrade message in IntelliJ

You're probably seeing a dialog with the message "Application has Grails version 1.0.2, but current Grails version is undefined. Upgrade application?" every time IntelliJ re-scans the project.

I've posted a question about this on the IntelliJ forums for anyone who wants to keep an eye on it.

Update: SOLVED! This was caused by the patched version of grails-core-1.0.2.jar created by the prepare script which screwed up the file in the jar. I have updated the script so it no longer does this. You will need to replace $GRAILS_HOME/dist/grails-core-1.0.2.jar (that's %GRAILS_HOME%\dist\grails-core-1.0.2.jar for Windows people) with the original version from the Grails distro (on the mirror) then run the new version of the prepare script I checked in (revision 3325).

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