Thursday, 24 April 2008

... and for a possible alternative to Gant

I'm list whoring again... from the groovy-user list, just announced

Gradle is a build system which provides:
  • Flexible general purpose build tool like Ant.
  • Switchable, build-by-convention frameworks a la Maven. But without lock in
  • Support for multi-project builds.
  • Powerful dependency management (based on Apache Ivy).
  • Full support for your existing Maven or Ivy repository infrastructure
  • Optional support for transitive dependency management without the need for remote repositories and pom.xml or ivy.xml files.
  • Ant tasks as first class citizens.
  • A wrapper to run Gradle builds on machines where Gradle is not installed (e.g. continuous integration server)
  • Groovy build scripts.
Has the usual userguide and docs for this new v2.0 release.

The obvious question.. how does it compare to Gant, is visited here

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