Sunday, 1 March 2009

Running Selenium Tests In Grails 1.1

Anyone experimenting with Grails 1.1 might be interested to know that I've got the Selenium plugin working. If you put the following entries in your project's grails-app/conf/BuildConfig.groovy:


Then type grails install-plugin ew-selenium you should be good to go.

The command to run tests is grails run-selenium. The script now runs in the test environment by default so you no longer need to use grails test run-selenium.

You may need to configure the browser Selenium uses. To do so edit test/selenium/selenese/conf/SeleniumConfig.groovy and set the selenium.browser property. For some reason Firefox 3 needs to be specified as *chrome. For example on a Mac I have to use the setting

selenium.browser = "*chrome /Applications/"

I have no idea why this is necessary. I have upgraded the Selenium Server version included in the plugin but I found this was also necessary with the old 0.9.2 version.

I changed the plugin name to ew-selenium as there is a plugin called selenium on the main Grails plugin repository and it looks like Grails will ignore conflicting names on other repositories.

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