Saturday, 21 March 2009

Release of gmock 0.7.0

GMock 0.7.0 has just been release. This brings two long awaited features: strict ordering and partial mocking.

Strict ordering is accomplished through the ordered closure. Here is an example with an hypothetic cached cat database:
def database = mock()
def cache = mock()
ordered {
  cache.get("select * from cat").returns(null)
  database.query("select * from cat").returns(["cat1", "cat2"])
  cache.put("select * from cat", ["cat1", "cat2"])

The partial mocking is performed simply by using the mock method on your concrete object. Here is how it works with a grails controller:
def controller = new SomeController()
mock(controller).params.returns = [id: 3]

GMock 0.7.0 is the last release compatible with Groovy 1.5.x. Support for Groovy 1.6.0 is coming soon.

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