Sunday, 1 February 2009

Testing Url Mappings

If you have to support legacy urls, want some quick feedback when putting your url mappings together or want to verify the parameters are being parsed correctly, here's a little grails integration-test snippet that you may find useful:

def grailsUrlMappingsHolderBean

void testMappingForPersonController() {
def mappingInfo = grailsUrlMappingsHolderBean.match('/person/pain')
assertEquals 'person', mappingInfo.controllerName
assertEquals 'show', mappingInfo.actionName
assertEquals 'pain',

The grails testing plugin provides custom assertions for doing this and more (assertUrlMapping etc.).


1 comment:

Rob said...

Testing the other way is really important as well. It's easy to make changes to your url mappings that break <g:link controller='blah' action='foo'/> type links.