Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Immutable Objects in Groovy

Anyone familiar with Joshua Bloch's book Effective Java will know about the importance of immutable objects. However, writing classes like that in Groovy always seemed to me to be problematic. You can declare the properties final but if the property type is itself mutable encapsulation is broken. Defining properties as private wasn't enough as Groovy lets you access them from anywhere regardless (I'm still not entirely clear why the language even supports it). A combination of final properties with overridden get methods where property types are mutable works but then you're writing almost as much code as you'd need to in Java and who knows what someone can get away with by using the .@ operator!

Google provided the solution this morning. It turns out there is an @Immutable annotation in Groovy that solves the problem in a very neat way even giving you an implementation of equals, hashCode and toString for free. Those methods tend to be pretty much templated in immutable classes anyway so getting effective implementations without writing any code makes a lot of sense and feels very 'Groovy'.

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