Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Issues with Eclipse 3.5.1 and groovy plug-in

For all you Linuxy peeps.

After installing Eclipse 3.5.1 (SDK version) I installed all the plugins I usually use but when I installed the groovy v2 plugin all my existing plugins disappeared along with the groovy one. Eclipse insisted that they were installed but they weren't there.

It seems that this combination doesn't like "shared installs". My eclipse installation was in /usr/local/eclipse and I was installing the groovy plugin as my regular user. Fail.

There are two solutions.

1 - install a local copy of eclipse.

Simple but it means an eclipse install per user on your machine.

2 - install the groovy plugin as root.

Means that you have to run it as root every time you want to upgrade the plugin.

Choose whichever evil is lesser for you. (I chose #2).

BTW you may also need this magic shell script line


if you find that some of the buttons in eclipse don't like being clicked on. Apparently this is due to be fixed in eclipse 3.5.2.

Hope this saves someone a few frustrated hours.

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Rob said...

For Groovy & Grails support it might be worth looking at using the Spring Tool Suite rather than vanilla Eclipse