Saturday, 18 October 2008

Gmock - Groovy Mock

Mock Object are key players in Unit Testing. Groovy support natively some mock object with MockFor and StubFor but their functionality are quite limited and the syntax heavy - you'll understand when you nest 7 'use' closures.

Gmock aims to simplified mocking in Groovy through a intuitive syntax and a great readability. In a nutshell a Gmock test look like:

void testTree(){
def mockTree = mock()
play {
assertEquals "apple", mockTree.load('fruit')
This is it!. Expectation are being setup by calling normal method on you mock object. The code under test is executed within the play closure and your mocks are automatically verified after it.

The current version gmock-0.2 support the most basic functionality you would expect from a mocking framework. Version 0.3 should see static method mocking and property mocking. Future development are described in the Roadmap.

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Gus Power said...

nice one, will check it out