Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Overriding constraints

I didn't know you could override constraints until the other day. Here is an example of overriding and then testing the constraints with the new testing plugin. Testing constraints with the new plugin is so easy I suggest every team uses it. We started using it for our team. Here's the code:

class Parent {
String name
String body

static constraints = {
name(blank: false, nullable:false)
body(blank: false, nullable:false)

class Child extends Parent{
static constraints = {
name(blank: true)
body(blank: true)

------------Tests using the testing plugin ---------------
import grails.test.GrailsUnitTestCase
import grails.test.MockUtils

class ChildTests extends GrailsUnitTestCase{

void testConstraints() {
// Mock the validate() method.


def testInstance = new Child()
def errors = testInstance.validate()
assertEquals 0, errors.size()

// Test the parent constraints
testInstance = new Parent(name:' ' )
errors = testInstance.validate()
assertEquals 2, errors.size()
assertEquals "blank", errors["name"]
assertEquals "nullable", errors["body"]

Happy testing :)

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