Friday, 23 May 2008

Debugging with Internet Explorer

Debugging with IE isn't something that you can really do without installing some sort of 3rd-party software.

To debug JavaScript, I've always used Visual Interdev, and for CSS, the IE Developer Toolbar. The problem with Visual Interdev is that its cost puts people off.

There are some good free tools available, however. I haven't used these before, but after re-installing windows, I thought I'd give them a go:

DebugBar is a plugin for IE that gives you a DOM inspector, an HTTP inspector, a JavaScript inspector and console, validation tools, and a whole load more. It's pretty much a "Firebug for IE" (although sadly, without a JavaScript debugger) :

Web Development Helper is a plugin for IE that gives you some useful tools (DOM inspector, logging HTTP requests, script error call stacks) :

Visual Web Developer 2008 is an application that lets you design and build web pages. It also comes with a JavaScript debugger :

There's a good article here about how to debug JavaScript using it :

I'll update this post after I've used them for a while, although my first impressions are that DebugBar is probably the way to go.

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